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Recruiters of Merida S DE RL DE CV provides a progressive recruiting contact communication solution for your products, services, and the customers you serve. As a client of Recruiters of Merida you will benefit directly from our 20+ years expertise, cutting edge technology platforms, world class 24/7/365 services, multilingual abilities, and seasoned well trained recruiters.

Partnering with us will lower your capital investments plus offer you the flexibility you need to expand your business as fast as you need to.

Recruiters of Merida is an international recruitment agency based in Mexico, specializing in the permanent recruitment, contract staffing, placement consultancy, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and managed nearshore recruiting services across all verticals, industries and departments We are known for our performance-based culture, quality, and professionalism. But first and foremost, we are focused on making money and saving time for our clients. Our clients expect us to create more value than the money they pay for our services as well as save them valuable time. To finish our projects on time, every time with the highest Quality results and a maximum quantity of net-results of actionable production are essential for our mutual success. Everything we do is about delivering on these guiding principles.

We work with companies across Canada, U.S., Europe and Latin America in ALL industries and ALL departments ranging from Technology, Telecommunications, Human Resources, Administration, Engineering, Operations, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Security, Purchasing, Finance & Accounting, Consulting, Public Relations & Communications, Sales and Marketing up to C- Level Management. Our Recruiters and Headhunters are trained to “think like a hiring manager” because our goal is to get placements and not simply submit candidates whose resumes match the keywords in the job requisition or position description. We have sourcing and recruiting services tailored for high volume sales & Marketing positions up to hard-to-fill supervisor to senior management positions. We are not just inexpensive nearshore labor, but we are a trusted staffing partner and business consultant.

We utilize our knowledge and expertise of Nearshore outsourcing and project management to provide you with the highest quality recruiting contact support solution. You can rely on our leadership team’s extensive operational management knowledge to help you quickly maximize the overall effectiveness, benefits, and financial rewards of outsourcing with Recruiters of Merida.

We will consult with you every step and phase of the entire outsourcing cycle. We will partner with you to completely understand, analyze, and create a feasibility evaluation of exactly what you are looking to accomplish with your project. We will develop a custom and concrete outsourcing strategy that will support the ongoing management and conduct during the entire life of your project(s).


About Company

Executive talent is much sought after by several firms and not all use the same methods to recruit one. Since a senior management team executive is a key member of the team it is essential that one selects the right candidates. This is not the easiest task in the world and does take a lot of resources and man power to get it right. Not every organization can afford to spend a lot of resources for an extended period of time in search for that perfect executive with the desired leadership qualities.

Recruiters of Merida S DE RL DE CV is committed to providing valuable services and dedicated talent management solutions. Exploiting the technological advantages, we sell the job opportunities and have built a robust network to support our daily business.